Why study in Australia

For many, Australia means kangaroos in the outback, or the Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge at New Year. But when you look beyond those, you’ll discover why so many international students choose to study in Australia, and it often ranks in the top 10 best countries to study abroad.  

The setting of international cities in a vast expanse of natural beauty is one attraction. But it boasts world-class universities, a diverse and welcoming population, and one of the world’s most generous sets of grants and bursaries. And it’s all backed by a national culture that welcomes visitors so much, they often decide to stay. 

Why choose Australia for study? Here are a few reasons: 


  • Generous funding for international students:
  • Australia is one of the world’s most generous nations when it comes to education, offering a range of bursaries and grants for students. 
  • World-class universities:
  • Australian universities regularly feature in the top 100 of world rankings, but with a rigorous education system, you can be sure of a top-quality education wherever you study in Australia. 
  • The stunning natural landscape:
  • Australia is renowned for its diverse beauty, from gorgeous beaches and reefs to breathtaking desert plains and mountains. The Australian landscape and wildlife are like nowhere else on earth. 
  • A welcoming nation:
  • Australia has been welcoming people for hundreds of years, and it’s just the same for students. International students can study any topic, and the student visa enables them to work — whether that’s to support their education or fund their adventures exploring the country. 

The Australian welcome is not just down to the national history and culture though, the government has set explicit standards that universities must meet for international students to ensure that they have all the support they need while they are studying. 

Australia has 43 universities, mostly publicly funded. And all are research institutions, helping to support their academic credentials and making it the world’s fourth most popular destination (after the UK, US and France) for PhDs. 

Combined with Australia’s vibrant culture — whether it’s relaxing or surfing on the beaches or sampling the nightlife of the cities — and the opportunities that its generous student visa offers, the country has become a leading destination for students, with over half-a-million students heading to Australia every year to earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. 

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